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We are a relatively new company 10 Years young with an excellent reputation for Detail (no pun intended) and costumer service.

We are proud to say that we do the best that can be done on every vehicle that comes to G & M, They do not leave until we are happy with the results, We use only the best products available to us in the detailing world, all products have been tested on our personal vehicles to see if they meet our high quality standards!

We keep the customers in mind at all times, people need a vehicle/car done at their, convenience. Thatís why we pick up your vehicle at work or at home after work.

Morning appointments are from 8am to 10am with delivery from 3pm to 5pm.  Afternoon appointments start at 3pm to 6pm and delivery from 11pm to 2am.

Most afternoon appointments are prepaid and vehicles are delivered back to the house/driveway/garage. With the keys lock in them or placed in a secure location.

Office Hours are 9AM to 8PM
(610) 527-8849

We are located on the Main Line.
Our address is:
G&M Auto Detailing
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010


  • Saves Your Time
    (Getting your car detailed gives you the time to do other projects.)
  • You Feel Better Driving In A Clean Car
    (You will feel better knowing your car is clean and proud to drive it.)
  • Protects Your Investment
    (A professionally cared finish can mean higher resale value.)
  • Good for Preventive Maintenance
    (The outside of your car needs to be washed and waxed frequently to remove harmful surface and undercarriage contaminants.)
  • Time Is Not On Your Side
    (The longer a harmful attacking substance is left on the finish, the greater chance that it will cause damage to the finish of your car.)
  • Acid Rain
    (When 'Acid Rain', common in most regions, is deposited on the surface it can etch or eat through the finish.)
  • Heat Can Damage The Finish
    (Sunlight exposure with its damaging ultraviolet rays can accelerate the damage from bugs, sap, and bird droppings.)
  • Damaging Winter Salt
    (Road salt and sand can cause a chemical reaction on the finish, causing pitting and rust.)
  • Moisture Destroys
    (Moisture can trap dirt on the surface of wheel wells and the undercarriage causing oxidation and rust to start forming in these areas.)
  • Clean Wheels
    (Road grime and brake dust cling to the wheels. These elements. if not removed, can permeate into the metal and cause permanent damage.)
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